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In South London, moving and packing couldn't be simpler with D. Sully & Son. No need to buy your moving packaging materials from any other source or removal companies, just buy them all directly from us. Please call or send us an enquiry of the removals service or packaging that you need for your house or business removals.

Cardboard Boxes: Our boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate for easy storage of all your possessions. They incorporate a printed location and contents guide that you can complete once packed for ease of reference.

Packing paper: We can supply clean white paper to help protect your fragile possessions. We also keep a high stock of PVC tape to seal the boxes.

Fragile Packing: Indicating on the packaging that we are transporting fragile possessions is very important to ensure they are kept safe. We supply all packaging, tape and other materials that can be used.

Wardrobe Cartons: Keep your hanging clothes crease free, easy to transfer from your wardrobe into the carton. A strong metal rail is supplied, that won't break and leave your clothes in a pile at the bottom of the box.


Here at D. Sully & Son we pass on savings to all our customers by buying our packing materials in bulk. We keep a high stock of all these materials and are happy to sell them even if we are not undertaking your move. Use the materials the professionals use and beware of inferior packaging, as this can be a false economy and result in unwanted damage to your goods. 

Packing Materials, Boxes, Removal Packaging

Strong, long lasting and competitively priced, there’s a carton to suit every part of your move. All meet the minimum requirements for recycling and are available in brown.

Pack 2General457 x 457 x 499DW£3.75 each
Pack 3Larger items445 x 445 x 744DW£4.75 each
Pack 4Layflat clothing260 x 450 x 900DW£4.75each
Pack 6Books/Wine457 x 330 x 330DW£2.75 each
Wardrobe CartonClothing457 x 508 x 1245DW£14.00 each
MirrorpackMirror/Pictures810 x 560 x 83DW£2.00 each
Packing paperBlank paperhalf ream / 5kg.
£7.50 each
TapePVC tape66 mtr length
£2.00 each
Bubble blanketExport wrapping125 cm ( width )

We also stock Mattress covers, Sofa covers, Glass edge protector + much more

DW = Double Wall Corrugated     ALL PRICES + VAT   Discount available for bulk